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The Dread Lord's Talisman

Featuring six level 11 characters and a brand new class, The Dread Lord's Talisman is a 5th edition compatible, horror module written by Chris McAuley and Nell Quinn-Gibney.

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Gold Mountain Games

We are creating 5th edition compatible content under the SRD & Open Gaming License. Check out our Patreon for new classes, races, maps, modules, gameplay streaming, entertainment, and much, much, more!

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Gold Mountain Games will be hosting AMAs on Facebook Live and Twitch during select weekends, where you can, well... ask us anything!

Whether you're curious about a class's mechanics, how day-to-day life functions in the Saltreach Isles, or even to learn more about the company itself, these events give you the power to tell us what you want to know most!